We are a fully qualified and certified salon specialising in high-quality Individual Eyelash Extensions. There is no comparison between lash extensions and self stick-on strips of false lashes .The lashes are made of either acrylic, silk or mink lashes and are applied one-by-one onto the natural lash with a safe lash glue that lasts approx 4 to 6 weeks.

The extensions give the eyes an instant lift and in many cases have the effect of mini-face lift without the pain. It is a relaxing procedure and many of our clients fall asleep. There’s no need for mascara as the extensions give the eyes a full, luscious look and as they are water proof, they are perfect for holiday wear.


The procedure takes approximately 2 hrs for a full-set and 60 mins for an in-fill. It’s a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration; it can not be rushed if we are to ensure that clients leave with a perfect set of lashes. Our trained professionals will ensure you’re relaxed, so much so that you may even fall asleep!


The golden rule for wearing eyelash extensions is THE LESS YOU TOUCH THEM, THE LONGER THEY LAST! They do require you to be gentle with them and rubbing or tugging is out. Similarly, excessive exposure to saunas or steam weakens them as does oil-based mascaras and eye make-up remover.


Temporary lashes €15.00
Corner lash extension €20.00
Yumi Lashes €65.00
Semi Permanent Lashes €60.00
Refills €30.00
Russian Lashes €85.00
Refills €55.00
Mink Lashes €110.00
Refills €55.00
Lash Removal €15.00
Lash Tint €15.00

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